Saturday, July 13, 2013

Zara cute tee: To buy? or not to buy?

At Zara, Bondi Junction today. 

Most of the store was on sale.

I think this tee was too, but I dont even think about price until I know its right for me. 

The positives:

1. Its white-white (I dont wear off white well) & Zara makes
    very few of these in white/white.

2. Its 100% linen.
3. Its a roomy style & they have my size.

4. It goes amazingly well with my cobalt jeans. 

The negatives:
1. The pinks are peachy (warm) rather than cool pink.
    Not good for my complexion.
    Luckily the peach shades start well below the face &             are broken up by the decolletage. In any case, I can             unsew the peach tulle & sew on a more cool pink shade       without too much trouble.

2. The scoop neck is way way low & emphasizes a flat chest.

3. The knit linen curves every curve (read: muffin).
4. The white colour combined with a knit is somewhat see 
    through & shows every muffin. 


Too many negatives to justify this at any price. 
Even though its so cute. 

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