Friday, July 5, 2013

WIW: Every girl needs a leather jacket, jeans & a white top

I had a really busy day of errands today - no nonsense stuff without a minute to take breath.

What do you wear on days like this? 

A leather jacket, jeans and a white tee. 
Make sure the leather jackets fits you.
Make sure the tee fits you.
Make sure the jeans fit you.

If you read SIA, you should be able to pull out all these three item from your wardrobe at the drop of a hat. 

Please dont worry about age here. 
If you want to look older, wear the jeans in a dark wash, the tee fitted and the jacket skimming without the Hell's Angels hardware. With a tailored bag and ladylike Manolos. 

Want to look younger? Fade the jeans and rip holes in them.  Add studs and metal details to the jacket and crop the tee. Wear the latest IT bag & Balenciaga platforms.

The jacket

A Rick Owens from the Tribeca boutique in New York.
When I went there a few years ago, one of the things on my shopping list was a RO black leather jacket (or depending on prices, a good inspired version).

On my first day of the LA stopover, I found a Vince one at Barneys. On sale, <$1K. I bought it & kept it in the garment bag for 3 weeks. In case a better version came up.

During my time in NY I saw an amazing selection of Rick at Bergdorf Goodman. The boutique was amazing. Nothing was on sale & (apparently) wasnt going to be going on sale for Thanksgiving either. At around $2.8K, I wasnt prepared to invest. 

Nothing else caught my eye, until......

On my second last day in New York, I went to Tribeca and discovered Thom Browne, Issey Miyake, Atelier New York (mens & all black & weirdly constructed, I was in heaven) and Rick. 

My guidebook led me to Rick when it was almost dark. 
Rick was 40% off everything. Everything. 
They had the basic style (which I wanted) reduced to $1,400. 

STYLE TIP: Basic style means maximum versatility. Versatility means maximum wear. Maximum wear means low cost per wear (CPW).

But there was a slight problem. I had run out of money by them. Cards maxed, no cash blah, blah, blah. 

Even if I returned the Vince jacket the next day, there was no guarantee that the funds would be credited back into the account in sufficient time to allow me to invest in the Rick jacket before I left for Down Under. I explained my predicament to the lady SA. She told me she would hold it for 2 days. She also said she was happy to hold it & charge it after I left & to send it Down Under. Very accommodating. 

She also knew everything was ridiculously expensive in Australia. She also told me Canada was expensive. Just a bit of trivia there. 

the leather looks cracked, its not. its supple & gorgeous. 

Barneys gave me the credit & I returned to Tribeca. On my second last day. When the sale went through the credit card machine, I jumped for joy. Literally. In this posh minimalist stark boutique. Where everyone seems very serious and doesnt jump for joy at anything. The male SA looked at me strangely. So be it. The lady SA was thrilled for me.

The jeans

Easy, close by. Not Your Daughters Jeans. At least their cost per wear (CPW) is tiny. 

The top

A Bonds cotton tee which has a slight flared from the armpits down. Same as the black ones I have. I have this white one in multiples too.

The necklace

The necklace is actually three necklaces.
I had absolutely no time to mix colours & match bling.
The short one is a silver ball on a rubber tube from RG Collections in St Ives. It was $90.

The other two messy ones are Ann Demeulemeester silver necklaces which have a million chains & closures so you can link them anywhere. I didnt even bother to check that they were falling nicely. I just threw them on.

One of these I had bought in New York. In fact the only two things on my New York shopping list were the leather jacket & an Ann D necklace. I had bought the first one here in Sydney, paid a bomb & I was keen to get another one (similar but not the same). So I found the second one at a store in Soho called IF Soho. They had all the Belgium designers and loads of Japanese & everything black & arty. I was in heaven.  

Bracelets & rings

Bottega bangle & ring.
A Bottega copy silver ring.
Two rubber bangles.

The shoes

Nando Muzi black faux woven flats, men's style. They look great with boyfriend jeans. I love the animal lining. These were from Luisa Shoes when they had a sale in Sydney (they do a twice yearly sale at the Hilton Hotel).

See you tomorrow.