Sunday, July 7, 2013

WIW: Orange pops a gangster Armani

Today I looked at the jackets racks and picked one I hadnt worn for a while.

The Jacket

A main line Giorgio Armani which I purchased from ebay for around $100. Its a wool with an unusual chalk/pin stripe pattern. A bit gangster and that's why what I wear with it is important - so that I dont look like a gangster.

Love the way the cuff buttons are done - so precise with the stitching & the placement. 

The top

This photo refuses to rotate....but the Bonds white tee is very standard. 

STYLE TIP: Have a few white tees in your wardrobe as they do stain & grey over time. Make sure the shade of white you have is your BEST white. Mine is white-white. But yours may be off-white or cream or pearl. 

The jeans

I wore my wide legged cheapie Philosophy jeans. The only things that was necessary today was that the jeans were rolled up to show off the shoes. No other consideration applied. 

The scarf

With a heavy jacket like this, I needed a scarf with depth & a touch of colour. This saturated Etro fit the bill perfectly. Its 100% wool in a thick weave but the scarf itself is lightweight. 

I picked it up at Sydney airport, duty free when I was leaving the country about 5 years ago. It wasnt cheap, but its a lifetime purchase. 

The bling

From left to right:

A dark wire mesh ring which can be moulded to any shape. from Beautiful Things By at Beecroft for $60. Hard to wear this without playing with the bauble. 

A three snake ring in antique gold tones from Mania Mania from The Corner Shop in Paddington. About $70.

Various bracelets including a bold grey Jolly Venezia from Silva Guanta in Mosman. 

A long antique gold tone & coral Isabel Marant necklace from The Corner Shop in The Strand Arcade, Sydney.

The short star necklace is from the Witchery Kids range. It was $10 and works well as a layering piece.

The shoes

Tory Burch patent orange ballet flats. From the Luisa sale at one of the Sydney Hilton sales. Less than $200. Really cute, but I dont wear them often as I still havent got round to putting soles on the bottom. 

A bright pair of shoes in orange pops with this outfit, even though the other accessories & scarf work the red theme. 

STYLE TIP: If two colours are close together on the colour wheel you can often use them interchangeably as accents in an outfit.

See you tomorrow.

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