Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What I Wore: Shades of blue, pops of orange

The sweater

A fine wool blend from Sussan, on sale for about $20.
Has a slight batwing sleeve and a vee neck with an overall relaxed look. 

STYLE TIP: When buying batwing sleeves, take care if you need to sweater to fit under a jacket.

The jeans

My current fave jeans, wide leg rolled up to become boyfriend style. 

The scarf

The scarf in a toning colour to the sweater was necessary to pull the outfit together. 

This scarf is way way old & the font on the label proves it. It was $29.

You definitely dont see "Made in Italy" in any Country Road pieces now. 

The top

After recently putting holes in a tee due to friction with my jeans, I am not worried about this & so wore a Coles white tee with a full length back zip under this fine sweater. Problem solved. 

The orange necklace

This necklace was the piece that inspired the outfit. 
Its from a boutique in Beecroft called Kopy-Katt and it cost me $25 (50% off). The pattern is in both sides of each tile. I love it - its fun, vibrant yet the tile shapes make it totally modern too.

Its from a local designer called Jenny Brocks, who isnt anywhere on line, so unfortunately I cant see more of her pieces except when they land in store....ggrrr.

The coin necklace

A 1963 shilling set in sterling silver from Beautiful Things By in Beecroft. The rubber chain is my own. I paid $80 for this. I would have preferred the coin to be form the year of my birth, but I have seen others  not set as well & preferred to grab this one instead of waiting. 

They also had copper coins set in sterling but my cool toned complexion couldnt handle those.

The bangles

Hermes enamel bangles set in palladium. Paid a bomb, but these are timeless pieces. 

The shoes

Miu Miu flat Mary Janes which I bought pre loved (but actually new) from the Balmain Frock exchange (no longer operating, but they have a store in Clovelly).

See you tomorrow.

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