Thursday, July 18, 2013

WIW: Shop your closet - Versace lost then found

I had completely forgotten I had this magenta jacket until I saw it a couple of days ago on the rack. It became the hero piece of today's outfit. That's shopping my closet at it's best. 

The jacket

Versace Jeans Couture in a woven wool, fully lined.
Very bright. 
About 9 years old & I owuldnt have paid more than $150 for it. It as from the David Jones Warehouse & back then, it was a great place to shop for designer items.

Always love faux button holes on the cuffs. 

The top

A new Coles Mix tee in 100% cotton, in a mint colour.
$6. If you had told me I would be combining mint & magenta, I never would have believed you. The mint picked up the green in the leaves of the flowers on the jacket. 

The scarf

The day was quite mild so technically I didnt need a scarf.
However I like to wear one just to shield the collar of the jacket from skin debris and oils. 

Its alot easier to wash a scarf than to launder a jacket. 

Its a ribbon wool rose colour from the Farage warehouse sale. It was $10. Its a few shades different from the jacket, but in the same colour family. 

The jeans

Not Your Daughters Jeans
My standard. Enough said. 

The necklaces

A sterling fashion cross.
A costume pink skull from Isabel Marant via ebay for $50.
A magnifying glass on a black rubber chain - my current favourite.

The bracelets

A motley crew of bits including my beloved Bottega bangle. 
I also really like the silicon pink baby - $20 from Reverie in Putney. 

The rings

You've seen these before. 

The shoes

Gucci lizards in red-y tone. Small wood stacked kitten heel.
From a designer recycled store in Paddington which is way overpriced so I dont go there much these days. But these were reduced (the shape is way too conservative for Paddington-ites) to $120. A steal.

Love the black piping along the edges & the symmetry of the pattern.

Speak tomorrow. 

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