Thursday, June 27, 2013

10 Ways with a Beanie

This trend started on the street & filtered it up to the designer world. Its for the young & the young at heart.
Are you game?

1. Cute & tizzy

Add flowers, bling, barettes and anything else that would do Alannah Hill or Laura Ashley proud.

2. Rapunzel style

With a side plait (or a side plait extension) & some curled tendrils on the other side.

3. Soft & neutral

4. Preppy

Add the collegiate cardigan or blazer, the varsity jacket, the Ralph Lauren style shirt & you're ready to go.

5. Traffic stopping

Think loud colour & contrast.

6. With its sister scarf

Be careful with matchy matchy. Try to keep the pattern subtle. Otherwise you run the risk of looking like a mixed up clown. 

7. To dress down a suit.

I like this one.

This applies just as much to the girls as it does to the boys.

8. To dress down your look.

Think grunge print tee, checked shirt, ripped jeans and Converse (not Manolos).

Try to make it effortless dress down, not sloppy, messy dress down.

Frankly I am not convinced Zac & Jake have nailed this. As for Selena, jury's out until I see the bottom half, but the beautiful shiny hair helps her cause so far.

9. Red carpet worthy

in leather....
It's all about the TUDE, & Rihanna know that.

10. My favourite.
With a pom pom. A giant pom pom. 

or two....

or one....

See you tomorrow.

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