Saturday, June 29, 2013

What I Wore: Pinstripes, soft style

More meetings. 
Needed a jacket, even though the pants could be casual.

STYLE TIP: Important negotiations? Wear a jacket. You will be perceived as more experienced & capable than if you keep the top layer relaxed.

The jacket

A Sonia Rykiel black wool with a thin cream pin stripe.
Very old & when I bought it, it was really large, so they tailored it for me. Now its a bit snug around the waist, so I have to wear it open. But they kept all the seam allowances in, so it can be taken out & since it's wool, it will steam perfectly so all the seam lines will disappear.

STYLE TIP: When you have clothing taken in, leave the seam allowances in, so its possible to take it back out, later, if necessary.

The thing that really sold this jacket to me was gathers at the hem of the front sections. So cute. I remember thinking at the time that ironing would be difficult. Yes, but that's what steaming is for.

Love the little Sonia Rykiel ball on a front pocket. Each collection has a different bauble and every item in the collection has the bauble, so this could be used to date the item.

The cuff buttons are actually press studs. When we altered this, the sleeves needed to be shortened, so we had to unstitch the sleeves from the shoulders & take them up. It wasnt possible to do a professional job by taking 1-2 cm from the cuff as the button button would be too close to the hem to look appropriate.

The sweater

A Coles Mix 100% wool sweater from last year. Needs de-pilling desperately. Oops. 

You've probably noticed that I wear all my tops out - never tucked in. Its because even though I am long waisted, the moment I tuck in, my proportions go all wonky & I look stubby. Plus I prefer the top out as it hides all my lumps & bumps better than if I tuck in. 

STYLE TIP: The rule for sweaters, skim not cling. 

The jeans

I know, I am being lazy but I LOVE my boyfriend jeans. 
You may be sick of seeing them, but considering I bought them for $20, cost per wear (CPW) is now about $1 & rapidly going down further.

The necklaces

Both the necklaces sat within the vee of the jacket. The multi circle one is adjustible, so it made it even easier to sit them so their curves were in sync.

The multi one was from Belinda, on sale. Its very heavy but sits perfectly. It has silver toned rings with gold tones ones at the ends & in the middle. Its by a New York designer, name escapes me.

The one with the single large oval & the rubber strand is an Italian piece, Jolly Veneza and it came from Beautiful Things By in Beecroft. Love this place - a treasure trove of high end imported jewellery/accessories & normal homewares.

The bangle

Bottega Veneta from ebay, worn many many times.

The rings

The bottom piece is silver from Beautiful Things By at Beecroft. This si the first time you have seen this. Its an oval sitting on top of a circle. Your finger goes into the circle, so the oval just sits on top saying "hello" to the world. 

The top piece is stainless steel. I have worn this before.

The shoes

The Car Shoe black patent flats. Comfy & stylish.

See you tomorrow. 

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