Monday, June 24, 2013

10 Ways with a Denim Jacket

Every body shape can work a denim jacket. 
The trick is to find the shape which flatters the most.
There are so many choices now & most girls have a couple of denim jackets in their closet. At least.

Think dark, light, ombred, torn, cropped, oversize, studded, with fabric inserts, sleeveless, classic jacket style, vest style and it goes on & on.

1. As a boho babe

2. As a double denim babe

STYLE TIP: If you're not sure whether your denim pieces look good together just place contrast fabric/colour between them so they are not sitting side by side. The plaid shirt and the layered tee help to keep the two denim items apart.

3. As a print dress babe

4. As a maxi dress babe

STYLE TIP: Its much easier to work with a plain coloured dress when there is alot of fabric, compared to a print dress. But make sure you dont make it boring - work those accessories - great shoes, sunnies, a necklace, hat and a fab bag.

If you want to cheap, turn the maxi into a skirt.

5. As a legging babe

STYLE TIP: Let' face it, dark colours are slimming. Enough said.

6. As a palazzo pant babe

Only the tall & leggy need apply, but if you are, this look rocks. Think resort, think of a quirky village with cobble stoned streets in Italy.

7. As a chino girl - long

Or short

8. As an oversize jacket babe

9. As a white jeans girl

Always fresh.

10. As a girl who pops!

Pick a colourful accessory (eg: scarf) & wear popping pieces (eg: pants, shoes, shoes) that pick up the colours in the accessory. The denim acts as a neutral backdrop which pulls everything together.

See you next time. 

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