Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What I Wore: A reversible colour bomb

Today I wanted black (my old faithful) but I had a few meetings & I also felt I needed some pop. But I was a bit lazy & couldnt be bothered matching a scarf & accessories to the black.

So I reached for a patterned jacket (which was warm, did I mention it was freezing?)

The jacket

Version 1 of the jacket

This however, wasnt any old patterned jacket. 
It was reversible, with very different print placement on each version.

The brand is Chacock, its made in France and I bought it from Jenny's in Neutral Bay during one of her sales.

SHOP TIP: I have two words to describe the brand. Colourful & bohemian. If that's what you like, look them up. 

In fact, a jacket in this shape is very conservative for them, but I needed that structure amongst all that chaos in the print. 

Version 1 - the back

Version 2 of the jacket

Version 2 - the back
I love the chenille overlocking on all the edges of the jacket. Its a deep rusty-burgendy shade. Even though rust isnt my colour, the burgendy picks up the slack reasonably well.

What do you think of reversible garments?

Are they better value for money because you get 2 products in 1?

I am not convinced.

Working with the second pattern/colourway & cutting it will involve more work than if the reversible side was vanilla. Frankly, manufacturers dont give away much for free. That's why I believe that they will compromise elsewhere on the garment to keep the price the same so they dont lose customers (which they would if the price went up).

Its the same as when a manufacturer adds bells & whistles on a garment (trim, buttons, self belts etc). They usually will compromise on the garment to pay for the additional trims.

The easiest way to reduce the price (or in this case, keep it the same) is to get a cheaper fabric. 
No surprises this is a wool blend. Whilst I cant recall the price, it wasnt cheap despite the fact that its a blend. 

The top

A Saint Grace dark brown/khaki tee from Belinda. I used to buy these at her warehouse sales for about $30. They are soft & fine before everyone else caught on to the idea of soft & fine.

The jeans

Not Your Daughters Jeans
Old faithfuls

STYLE TIP: Any jeans can look sharp.Just add heels and a jacket. 

The necklace

A silver Tiffany pendant & chain I had bought 2nd hand from a store in neutral Bay which no longer exists.
You'd think this was a no brainer, but no.
The lapels and collar of the jacket dicate that a pendant needs to fall in a very specific spot, where the gap is. 
The jacket is a very ornate print so the pendant shouldnt compete. Ms Tiffany fits the bill.

The rings

A chunky silver/wood ring & a stainless twisted ring from Fossil.

The shoes

Beautiful French brand, Michel Vivien, from The Frock Exchange when they operated in Balmain.
In patent leather with a vary low Mary Jane strap which doesnt interfere with the line of the leg.

If you look closely you'll notice the heel is on backwards - the flat part is on the back on the heel & the curved part of on the inside of the heel. Just a cute point of difference. 

Note to self: Clean the white scuffs from the black patent in the above photo.....

See you tomorrow when I venture into greens...& I never wear greens.

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