Friday, June 21, 2013

What I Wore: Vamp it up with a heel & a bag

Another day of errands. Jacket not required.

The sweater

Charcoal Peachoo + Krejberg (Indian & danish combo of designers who luurrve dark colours & roomy styles) sweater in 100% wool.

The front & the back are identical - they have cut outs - which is why I bought it. I also like the sleeves which are very snug. Plus it has a low scoop neck which makes it perfect for layering. 

She wasnt cheap my any means, but I love her.

The top

A navy Coles Mix tee for $2.

The jeans

My new fave jeans, wide leg which I roll up boyfriend style.
$20 by Philosophy Australia.

The necklace

You either love black rubber jewellery or you dont. I'm the former.  This was a multi strand which looks messy - because it is.  Its terrific for filling a neckline gap & so if you're small busted, its ideal.

The bracelets

One on each wrist. A $3 skull bracelet from Kmart & a $150 odd spring metal Jolly Venezia from Mosman.

The rings

Three intercaccio rings from Bottega Veneta - I wear them stacked with the gold ball in the middle. Not cheap.

The chunky one reminds me of leopard spots & its black wood inserts into the sterling silver. Around $100.

The bag

Since I know I ma being watched (you are out there, arent you?), I decided to try a new bag for the day. Well, not new, just rotated.

From a Hunt Leather sale for $350, reduced from $1,200. A colourful bag is a terrific way to pep up a tired outfit.

The shoes

The other way to vamp up a casual outfit is with heels. These are navy patent YSL wedges from David Jones. Not cheap but love them. 

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