Saturday, June 1, 2013

What I Wore - which bag & which scarf?

This  post shows What I Wore but its also is sad as it shows what I couldnt wear (but wanted to, desperately).

The top

A cotton Piping Hot checked shirt from Target $29 I think.
This has turned out to be way more of a winner than I envisaged.

Not only were the colours perfectly cool (blues & rose pinks, white, greens, no creams), but it is a cotton which doesnt look ratty & has body even though its not a poplin. 

The pants

Chocolate brown Not Your Daughters Jeans
Same as all the others - just chocolate.

Arm party

I am wearing my black perfume bottles Hermes bangle, but I intended to wear the identical one in chocolate. Obviously the light want fantastic when I picked it up & all those orange boxes look so the same. 

Neck & finger party

An Isabel Marant chain with a drop grey pearl. $95 from the Frock Exchange in Clovelly. 

The rings are a snake trio from Mania Mania from The Corner Shop in Sydney's Strand Arcade. Around $90 I think. Base metal, not gold. One ring is the snake head, the other is plain & the third is the snake tail.

The scarf

My favourite piece.
In the same shades as the shirt, its an Arthur Galan which is about 3 meters long. It consists of one length being wool & the other linen & they have been sewn together along their length. The dyeing process happened after the sewing.  

She is made in Italy & when I laid eyes on her, I had to have her.

Accessory fiends, I got this scarf from an accessory store in Balmain called The Treasury. They used to be in the Mid City Centre (years ago) and they are a treasure trove of bling. 

The shopping savvy ones of you may wonder what a brand like that is doing in an accessory store like that. Good question. Apparently, it came from the same distributor as the store's non name branded scarves - the rep said it was a sample which didnt go into production. Judging by the label, I wouldnt agree with this, but I loved it so much I didnt care about provenance. 

Someone said to me I looked very "down on the farm" today. Certainly that wasnt the look I was going for - hehehe.
I thought the look sans scarf was a bit "Kate Bosworth western shirt" but "down on the farm"? Ouch!

Would you wear this with or sans scarf?

The shoes

An embossed mottled tan Donna Karan pair from the David Jones warehouse in Sydney's Drummoyne for about $150.
The original was $1K. Unfortunately they dont stock that quality of shoes these days as they generally didnt sell very well in that store. I'm told bargain hunters just werent prepared to pay for items like this and having them in the store for a long time led to shop damage. 

These may look witch-y to you but in reality, the angled front looks stylish (she insists...). 

The heels are not original though. The original heel had a very directional curve & one of them snapped. I was just walking - no fancy moves & it just snapped. So I re-heeled them with a basic stacked heel from Coombs in the Strand Arcade & voila - ready for a second life.

The bag

What bag? Good question as I rarely feature my bags due to the fact that I use the same for months until I rotate.

The bag is the bit I wanted to do differently.
The bag I wanted to wear is a 20 year old german brand, Rena Lange which I had bought from David Jones On 7, on sale for $400. A steal.

Its a beautiful leather, soft & sturdy & the pocket/flap is on both sides. The quilting is heart shaped as it the magnetic stud. The brand name is etched into the gold stud and that is the only branding on it. It fits more than a Chanel 2.55 but that's not saying much.

She fits nothing that this kitchen sink girl normally carries.

Here she is next to the usual bag I carry these days (until I decide to rotate) which is a 3.1 Phillip Lim, which frankly looks like luggage & holds lots & lots....

Notice the size difference? Yep. 

That's why I wanted to rear Rena but I had to wear Phillip - I wasnt willing to compromise what I carried around. 

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