Tuesday, June 25, 2013

10 Ways with Plaid

Checks (or plaid) are very now. 
The good thing is its no longer just about the "down on the farm" flannelette shirt.
Its about any colour, any scale and any width combination. And them some.
1. Mixing plaid with non plaid

What a great way to mix plaid & florals - in a flowy dress & denim jacket

Big paid with little plaid & florals

2. Mixing plaid with plaid

I have no idea how this blogger can last the day without re-tightening
 the blue shirt about ten thousand times. 
3. Plaid mani

4. Plaid shoe

5. Plaid bag

6. Plaid granny cardi

Notice how she mixes modern accessories to make this work? Funky animal bracelet & statement necklace.

7. "Down on the farm" plaid shirt

-worn in a down on the farm way

This look reminds me of "Eloise" on Offspring

-worn preppy style

- worn in a free & easy style

Worn out, sleeves rolled up

Love that half tuck & some statement bling

Add fringe, cuffs open & not done up, worn very loose.

8. Plaid with a skirt or a plaid skirt

Avoid plain skirts. Amp up the details on the skirt, add edgy shoes & accessories,
including a metal belt, perhaps Chanel?

Edgy shoes, oversize military anorak and stack up on modern accessories

A simple shape with a simple top. Strong necklace & sunglasses mandatory. 

9. Plaid jacket or plaid coat

If the jacket is "conservative", make the rest of the outfit funky...or funkier than the jacket.
Think sassy boots, hat & cute blouse.

With a coat, skinnys & ugg boots. Short uggies are MUCH more flattering than long ones. 

Consider a stylised plaid. 
Here Giovanna combines it with a leopard skirt & mens style slippers. 

10. Matching plaid on top & bottom

Keep it modern & not like your sofa, with accessories that pop & a slim silhouette

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