Monday, June 10, 2013

What I Wore: One splash of neon with double denim

The outfit started with the 20 year old Country Road chambray shirt. The plan for the day was the movies.

The shirt

100% cotton in a thick deep chambray.
20 years old bought from the Birkenhead Point clearance store. Probably for no more than $50. 
I bet there's not alot of you who remember this label format?

I like the fact that the cotton has body so the collar sits nice & the curved hem.

The necklaces

For me this was the exciting part of the outfit. Its the first time I have worn a touch of neon with metals.

STYLE TIP: Keeping the collar closed really makes shirt necklaces pop. 

1. The multi disc yellow & silver look necklace is from Belinda & I think it was about $180. It weighs a tonne.
2. The neon pink elastic is a La Loop French eye glasses holder with sterling silver lobster clasp. I think it was reduced to $90. 
3. The rectangle clear bling is a $3 Target piece.  

I like the way these sat - I had to adjust the closures on them so they didnt overlap. 

The rings

Mania Mania snake rings in silver tone & in gold tone.
One is the head, the other the body & the other the tail.
Cute but base metal & overpriced at $70 on sale from $130.

The scarf

I never go to the movies without a blanket.

Blanket = a cashmere/silk pashmina.


Even in the middle of summer, movie theatres get cold & I need a blanket.

The pashmina is from the early 90s and as far as I am concerned, they will always be in fashion in winter. 

I also have an identical cobalt version I considered wearing, but in order to make the neck bling stand out, I decided to tone in the pashi rather than wear a stand out.

Paid a fortune for her but she is worth every cent.

The jeans

Not Your Daughters Jeans

Double denim rules.

Rolled up at the cuffs in a sloppy way - like boyfriend jeans.

When the jeans are that sloppy, I demand a heel. 

The shoes

When I want a comfy heel, I seek out wedges.

I have a pair of YSL cork wedges on a navy patent with a closed round toe. I wore them so much, I went on ebay & looked for the later season cousins. 

STYLE TIP: If it works, buy multiples.

These wedge loafers came up in black patent. They were the next season's version and the wedge, instead of being cork is a rubber & textured finish. I literally bounce when I walk in these. 

About $120, new and that was alot cheaper than the cork version!

See you tomorrow.

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