Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What I Wore: A mash up of dramatic & boho

The shirt

Country Road, 100% cotton, from about 20 years ago.

The necklace

A cats eye polished stone from Giorgio Armani.
Very dramatic - nothing boho about this.
One of the few brown things that goes anywhere near my face but the interplay with black & the shapes make it work.
Weighs a tonne & cost the same. 
About 12 years old.

The layering necklaces

Both from a Kaboodle stand in a Westfield somewhere for around $30 each...the ball one has a watch on one side & is a see through, to show the watch mechanism on the other. It spins around on its axis. We love each other alot. 

The scarf

A distant cousin of the shirt, a current season Country Road scarf in a wool mix $69.
Also one of the few off white/cream things I wear near my face.

It is still available, although it was part of the first AW 2013 drop where they showcased B&W window pane checks a la Dries Van Noten. 

The pants

Hammock & Vine, around $90, reduced. 
Very good Aussie brand for large thighs & not so large hips.
From the larger David Jones stores.

The bag

Dont fall over - I havent changed my bag for the next 6 months. Just for the day. I remembered this baby & thought she may like to spend a day with new (& old) friends. This was largely made possoble b/c a few days ago, I cleaned out my day bag, so everything was organised & transferable.

A Jamin Puech from a Belinda warehouse sale about 6 years ago. I paid $400 but RRP on this brand's bags starts at $800. Scanlan & Theodore also carry the range.

If you like their Facebook page, they have lovely photo updates - very French and quite bohemian.

Look at all the detail - different pattern & shape patches, stitches, the turquoise beads, the velvet ribbons...& its all on the side...

the base is a nappa leather, very soft....

front detail....& notice the pom pom closure on the cotton string....

The shoes

Clements Riberio from Myer, < $150 a few years ago. 
The ankle length pants showcase the metal ankle straps very well.

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  1. Okay so I know this is incredibly random and a complete, cheeky longshot, but basically my story is this:

    I owned and loved the exact same Country Road scarf and was absolutely heartbroken when my sister lost it at a music festival this past weekend. I have been looking all over the internet to find another one to replace it but with no success. So, if you were ever to get sick of it and would consider selling it to me, I would be eternally grateful! I live in South Africa but would obviously reimburse you for shipping and any other costs incurred.

    I am so sorry to hijack your blogpost like this, but I thought it was worth asking just in case. You can contact me at amyleighpaterson@gmail.com.

    Many thanks,