Sunday, June 23, 2013

What I Wore: Little pops of colour

Another casual day.

The jeans

Not Your Daughters Jeans

The top

A cotton sweat top from Witchery.
Apologies for the creases - I hadnt laid her flat from wearing her....

When this top came out, I wrote about it, saying I wouldnt buy it because the shade of grey is too yellowy and it was thin & flimsy. That was at $80. 

Now its $50 it became more appealing & since I am usually scarf city, the colour of the scarf is more important than the shade of grey under it. I just love its sloppy easy factor, but in the contrast sleeves & the side splits it is cool sloppy. Which is exactly the kind of sloppy you want, eh?

Interestingly, the day after I bought it, it was reduced even further to $40. I wouldnt put it past me to buy & return to take advantage of the additional price reduction....hhmm...

The scarf

A Ralph Lauren 100% wool scarf from Birkenhead Point store. $140 from $300. 

Its a men's scarf so its a chunky but the knit is even & it rolls inwards. I loved the pop of colour on the ends. 

STYLE TIP: Dont try this at home unless you have a long neck & are reasonably tall. Otherwise it will swamp you.

The necklace

This is the fun part.
Its actually two identical necklaces, long & in black rubber made up of many pieces, knotted together. With coloured tips. Kind of like matchsticks, but in many colours. They just sit all messy & cute.

I bought these from a store at the Rocks, Sydney many years ago. The store has since re-located to Woollahra I think each strand was $40. 

The bracelets

A bunch of random black bracelets - since the grey was quite light, I felt I needed some black to ground the look.

On the other wrist, a cheapie bunch of beads. $10 I think. 
I normally hate logos & words on my things - so this was an unusual buy. I think if it was any more than $10 it wouldnt have been worth it for me.

The rings

A giant silver Russian wedding ring & a chunky one with a horn insert. The chunky came from a Hunt Leather warehouse sale where they had a jewellery lady displaying her wares. $50.

The shoes

My $30 See by Chloe babies which I scored from the Fitted for Work sale shop. Love. They love me back. So comfortable. 

See you tomorrow.

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