Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What I Wore: Every woman should have one piece of cashmere in her wardrobe.

Cashmere is the warmest fibre on earth. Even if its short sleeved. I noticed this vest in the cupboard & decided today's outfit would work around it.

The sweater 

The sweater came from ebay for $100.
Its 4 ply, pure cashmere is a grey mottled knit. If you look closely at the close ups, you'll see threads of green, blue & brown amongst the greys. 

Everything in this brand is amazing. Its known to be "relaxed & refined". Its by a Persian designer called Eskandar. 

It happens to fit perfectly. Its made in Scotland. The retail would have been around $1.5K. A fabulous find. 

You can see a red texta mark on the label, which means the seller got it at a warehouse type sale which means he/she could afford to on-sell it at a good price. Enter me!

Initially I thought the large A line may have been a mistake, but it wasnt - it falls beautifully. Cant explain it. It just does. 

The top

A Bonds black tee with sort sleeves. From David Jones and all I remember is that it was 30% off.

The jeans

Cheap Aussie brand called Philosophy.
From a boutique in North Rocks. I paid $20. They are fitted around the waist but have a wide wide leg. I rolled them up to turn them into boyfriend jeans. It worked. 

Dont try this if you are on the short side - as a wide leg rolled will swamp you. 

The necklaces

Every time I wear this jewellery combo infront of my 9 year old nephew, he says "You wear too much jewellery Aunty Val."  Yeah, this is coming from a kid who has 50 pairs of shoes (most are sneakers, but still...).

The big chunky round diamante was from Diva.
The round circle long chain which has green & matt gold balls on it was from Sussan.
So far, affordable.

The squirly round pendant on the chain, has the oval metal necklace attached to it. Some of the ovals have diamantes attached onto them. This came from a store in Double Bay called Inro. I am not going to admit how much I paid for it. All I can say is even though it looks "plain", its lovely. 

Open sesame! It has a magnetic closure.

The bracelets

A bunch of bracelets in toning muted colours.

The shoes

The Italian brand, JP Tod's has a sister company called the "Car Shoe Company". These are its shoes. A bit funkier than big sister, Tod's. I bought them at a Luisa Sale at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney quite a few years ago. A really good basic. Not cheap, but worth every penny. 

See you tomorrow!

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