Monday, June 17, 2013

What I Wore: French tailored jacket loves cheap boyfriend jeans

Another formula day for me - a jacket, tee & jeans. 

The jacket

A Louis Feraud wool jacket from about 8 years ago, bought on sale at David Jones. Not cheap, even on sale. The pattern? Window pane checks! Yes, that's formula for me!

Its one of the shortest jackets I own and its a bit snug these days, which means it looks like everyone else wears their garments these days.

Plus it has a gorgeous nipped in waist - Feraud tailoring is always special.

The top

A Witchery tee in black, fitted & flared through the waist with these rabbit ear things on each side hem which extend past the hem at the centre front  & centre back. It just flaps around and makes the top a bit more interesting.

The jeans

I got these at a store called Simone Louise in North Rocks, which has since gone out of business. They are an Australian brand called Philosophy which tends to cater for an "older" market in clothes. These jeans fit me to a tee and are high waisted with wide legs. 

In the old days we called wide leg jeans, "carpenter style". Now, if I roll up the legs, they become boyfriend jeans. I was really pleased to have found a way to make them look modern.

Dont do this at home if you are on the short side. There is alot of fabric rolled into the hem & unless you're tall, they can swamp you.

The necklaces

I layered a few gold toned strands. 

A jade colour pendant from Lovisa (or Diva!).
Two tassel strands from a store in St Ives Shopping Village for $5 each.
A gunmetal chain with black wood beads from The Corner Shop which mixes in with anything.

The cuff

Recycled, Hermes tan cuff, $99 from The Frock Exchange, Balmain.

The bag

My 3.1 Phillip Lim is my everyday bag & doesnt normally get a look in here (because it is always the same). But today is special because she asked me to wear a bag accessory. The only bag accessory I have is the pom poms.

The pom poms are by Hermes, 100% wool with a leather string & I love them dearly. They were a product which was introduced and then didnt sell well, so they were discontinued. I think they were around $300 which I think is cheap for the quality. 

I am still pining after the one that got away - lime, chocolate & deep purple....

Here is a side view of the bag - the top & bottom of each side  has a flap with a make the bag smaller, you join these flaps by joining the zips so she looks squashed at each end. 

The shoes

Very old Ferragamo Mary Janes in nappy leather, black.
Paid a bomb, but worn steadily for the last 10 years. 
Made to last, just the way I like them. 

See you tomorrow. 

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