Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Its in the clearance sale cos no-one wants it!

Do you honestly think it's on the clearance rack because its a bargain?

The truth is its on the clearance rack because its cheap.

There is a difference & when you understand the difference, you may start looking at clearance racks in a different light.

In Australia, there are two main clearances a year - half year (June) and end of year on Boxing Day (December 26). June clears winter stock while December clears summer stock.

Twenty years ago, no-one went on sale til those dates arrived. No-one. 

Ten years ago the mid season sales started creeping in - in March/April & September/October. 

Five years ago with the advent of on-line shopping, retailers began to spruik a sale at most times of the year. You see, studies show that an item for $100 will be less tempting than the identical item reduced from $150 to $100. We all know its illegal to mark an item up in order to mark it down, but there is no harm in producing a garment with an inflated RRP intending put it on sale shortly after it hits the floor.

By the time an item has hit the clearance rack, it has been on the floor for at least 3 months. At least. 

If it was special, classic, well fitting, appealing, flattering or trendy (before everyone started to wear it), trust me when I say to you, it wouldnt be on that rack. It would have sold way way way sooner. 

Its in the clearance sale because no one wants it. It's on the clearance rack because its cheap. The chances of it being worthy of you or your wardrobe are virtually nil. 

Dont waste your time on the sales.

I can say this with confidence because the stores are on sale 365/year and when you look online, 24/7.

Oh sure, everything isnt technically on sale 365/year...but the high street chains will reduced jackets for two weeks, then sweaters for two weeks then suits for two weeks. Wait a few more weeks and the merry go round starts again. Other chains will for 25% reductions on everything for a week. 

Seriously, all you have to do is watch & be patient. 
Everything has already been reduced before the clearance rack gets wheeled out. The good stuff isnt on that rack and never will be.    

Of all the wardrobes I clear out, of the stuff which had only been worn a few times, 99% was bought ON SALE BECAUSE IT WAS ON SALE.

When you make decisions on price, you compromise quality. Stop buying because its on sale at the end of the season. 

Look at your wardrobe, look at your lifestyle, plan what you need & stay focused. When it goes on sale, buy it and START WEARING IT. Immediately.

You may (only!) get a 30% first level reduction, but if you start wearing that baby IMMEDIATELY, she'll be worth more than getting the left overs on the clearance racks. 

Clearance racks love damaged product which isnt in your size or your colour and they have the stuff that everyone and their dog has already been wearing for months & months. This stuff isnt value for money. Its cheap and it looks cheap. Even at 80% off.

I hope I dont burst your bubble here, but the department stores also bring in truckloads of merchandise which goes into the sale and is especially made for the sale. Especially made for those cheap prices. Its not the same as the full price stuff that is often taken off the floor for the purposes of the sale. Look closely at the item number - its not the same. Price reflects quality. "Bargain" price? Low quality. 

If you wouldn't have bought it at full price, then avoid fishing it off the sale rack. Assuming you want a wardrobe that works, stop wasting your money at the sales. 

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