Friday, June 7, 2013

What I Wore: Armani loves an Aussie icon

Today. Cold. Warm jacket & a scarf.

The jacket

This is black label Giorgio Armani but I bought it over 20 years ago at a recycled store in Double Bay for $300. I dont go in there now, with the advent of online like ebay, as she is just seriously overpriced. In her case, its Double Pay.

Its a beautifully cut jacket, the photo does it no justice. I also love the shawl collar lapels - not good for brooches, but lovely & refined & elegant. I also love how the sleeves have a very very gentle bell shape - the jacket is quite structured and the bell balances the look out very well.

Its a grey/brown base with teeny stitches in teeny square shapes all over it. It was actually my first jacket foray into browns.

Many years ago I was using Sheltox MiniStrips for critter protection & I was using them successfully for many many years. Then I noticed critter holes. I found out that the product had changed its active ingredient & in my closet(s)k it just working well any more. So I found new products. 

This jacket got gnawed in that incident. In 3 spots on a sleeve, all very close together, but they only ate the highlight threads, not the base fabric. So I restitched & you can see the spot where they ate all 4 threads of the teeny square. 
The other two spots only had a single strand gnawed, so I managed to repair them invisibly. My poor baby. 

She even has her original tags. ...

The jeans

Not Your Daughters Jeans in chocolate.

The top

Aussie icon, Bonds 100% cotton black scoop neck tee.
Short sleeve.
From DJs at 30% off. 

The scarf

Lightweight tee with heavy weight jacket in cold weather. I needed something to protect my decolletage. A scarf.

Since this jacket is so tailored and crisp, I didnt want a boho feeling scarf. It needed something neat in shape & texture.
But since the browns arent my colour, it also needed Val colours in the print. 

Scarves are flying everywhere until I found it. 

BRAND TIP: Its a Directions International brand which I bought from a store called Mariko in the Westpac Plaza shopping centre in the city.

Directions is an Aussie brand of scarves which is now stocked at David Jones. Most of their scarves have a portion of acrylic, but they combine texture and colour, with cotton, linen and wool to give really interesting results. 

This baby had an exotic flavour, but in an indoor style kind of way. Just what my jacket needed. 

The necklace

An Isabel Marant semi precious baubles with my own gold necklace - so no tarnishing. This was on sale for $99 at The Frock Exchange in Clovelly. It was cheap because the largest bauble was broken so I took it to a jeweller to polish it back.

STYLE TIP: When the scarf is smallish, I like to also wear a necklace, even if its subtle - always. The reason is because the scarf may fall open and a bare neck looks half finished. 

The rings

Both Mania Mania rings from The Corner Shop, around $250 each. You've seen them both before. The quartz one is massive. Love.

The shoes

Do you like them?
Clements Riberio from Myer reduced many many times to about $150. Quite a few years ago.

I love them - great colour, high shine (but not patent) front, mock croc back with heavy metal ankle straps which blend in with the leg very nicely. The result cute & slimming.
Did I mention they have a low-ish stacked heel - comfy city?

See you tomorrow when I am wearing a 20 year old Country Road chambray shirt. 

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