Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What I Wore: SIA loves Barneys NY CO-OP

Today it was cold & wet. A very dreary day.

Out comes a warm woolly jacket.

The jacket

A Giorgio Armani Collezione jacket, about 15 years old. Paid a bomb for it - it was the first GA jacket I purchased at full price from the store.

Notice is a white label, "Collezione" which is his diffusion which he sells mainly through the department stores like David Jones, Lane Crawford, Barneys NY etc.

Its 100% wool and the lapels are a knit wool in a darker charcoal, which reminds me of a scarf. In fact, I think of it as a scarf. But its not.

The puffiness of the knitted lapels gives a very luxe look & feel.

A few years ago, I found critter holes in her...three big I darned them up & every time I take her out now, I check her all over. 

The top

A Bassike navy tee which I got form one of the warehouse sales probably for about $60. 100% organic cotton and short sleeved with raw edges. 

The jeans

Cobalt Not Your Daughters Jeans.
Straight leg.

The necklace

This is a heart locket from a store in Beecroft  called Beautiful Things By, which is near the train station. Its just base metal with a brassy finish but it has many chips & scratches which I accepted as giving it that authentic look.
I paid $25 for it and it weighs over 1 kg.

The store had told me it was a functional lock and since its keys were tied up, I didnt test it in the store. But when I got it home, it doesnt seem to be functional and so I will take it back to get them to show me how it works. 

I have threaded a Bottega Veneta black leather cord through it (see a later post), and the only reason I want functionality is so the key doesnt keep falling out when I place it in the lock while I am wearing it.

These details aside, I love its chunkiness & boldness. 

The rings

The multi circle gold is an 18ct from the Barneys CoOp outlet at Woodbury Common in NY. It was about $350. Amazing value. I cant recall the designer's name - she is Italian and some of the circles are in rose gold & others in yellow. Each circle has a different etching on it and they are all intertwined. Without a doubt, this is my most loved (aka worn) piece in this whole ensemble. 

The other one which looks like electrical coils is a Mania Mania from Belinda's The Corner Shop. About $200 in base metal. Nothing like the value I got from the Barneys ring.

The bangle

The black Hermes perfume bottles which I wore the day prior.

The shoes

My Jil Sander "Dorothy" bronze shoes.
I have worn these more since I started "What I Wore" than ever before.

See you tomorrow.

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