Thursday, June 27, 2013

What I Wore: Pre loved memories from NY's Upper East Side

Another COLD day when I needed to wear a jacket but wanted to wear a comfy sweater.

Enter Mr Armani.

The jacket

70% cashmere, 30% silk
from La Boutique Resale in New York's Upper East Side. 

I dont travel alot, but when I do, I like to shop to remember the trip. Any excuse, eh?

La Boutique in NY has three stores. The one I picked this up from was the least "impressive". By that I mean it doesnt have windows dedicated to Hermes & Chanel....but when you go through the racks there are amazing finds. The address was 227 E 81st St. The other stores are in Madison Ave & Lexington Ave. 

I paid $60US for this.  RRP would be about $2K.

I never do up the buttons even though its double breasted. It has a softness about it that goes hand in hand with an open front.

Its a mid grey with small pale blue dots with a tinge of green. Look at the next photo - which shows the detail of the finishing. Perfect. Love. Alot. 

The scarf

The scarf is a 100% lambswool Country Road. Back in the day when Country Road did 100% wool, let alone doing it for $60. Now, $60 gets you 100% acrylic.

I also have this scarf in a pale pink - when the range went on sale, I bought the pink one to keep the blue one company.

The jeans

My cheapie Philosophy Australia $20 jeans, rolled up boyfriend style. In fact, Philosophy is having a warehouse sale soon - I'd better check the dates. 

The top

A Coles Mix 100% wool sweater in black. I paid $25 for this last winter & its pilled a bit, but pilling comes off with those little gizmo battery operated machines. 

The necklaces

Both are Isabel Marant. The one with the green beads was from The Corner Shop in the Strand Arcade, around $250.
The grey pear drop was recycled from The Frock Exchange for $90.

The rings

I think you've met both of these before. The "scarf ring" ring by Maison Martin Margiela & the Bottega intercaccio which was from ebayland.

The bracelets

On one wrist, the ebayland Bottega bangle and a $3 Diva religious tile bracelet. 

When I bought the Diva one, "you get what you pay for" came true. Every time i wore it, my wrist would be covered in green paint. So I laquered the underside on the tiles & it was still happening. Another coat of lacquer & the problem stopped. Alot of trouble to go to for $3, but now that its done, Val = happy.

On the other wrist, a Hermes bangle in a pale blue. This was form ebay from one of the Japanese lady sellers who have loads of integrity and great stock. It was $300 which is very cheap for one of those babies.

The shoes

A very comfy mocassin loafer in navy, not sexy, but practical with a decent heel, by Antonio Barbato (Venice).

See you tomorrow.

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