Friday, May 31, 2013

Nina Proudman "Love" Necklace - s4, ep1, by Tesori Trellini

Nina Proudman's necklace - season 4, episode 1.

The shorter necklace in the photo immediately below is from Tesori Bellini in Melbourne.

Nina's choice has the "Love" inscription, but Tesori Bellini also has "luck", "courage" and "wish" inscription alternatives. See photos below.

See anything you like?

The necklaces are plated in silver or gold and they are $79 each.

They are an old style for the brand, but due to Nina, they are being re-done. 

You can pre-order by placing a 50% deposit. Details here.

They also distribute other brands like Samantha Wills and Mezi. 

I dont like wearing an identical item to a TV character. I have tracked down and bought my version of this....a Me & Ro short necklace with "Fearlessness" on one side & the same in sanskrit written on the other side of the plate pendant.
I bought the sterling silver version (I dont wear silver plate).

This piece is sponsored by Mariska Hargitay's Joyful Heart Foundation and proceeds go to help women in need. She has also released a vertical version which she wears in the current season of Law & Order. 

If you prefer the Tesori Bellini version, production turnaround is approx 6 weeks. Delivery within Australia is included in the price.

Note also that the TB store in Melbourne is closed for renovation until spring. 

Will you be buying this necklace?

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