Friday, May 3, 2013

Lindsay kicks a sartorial goal - right in the middle of the posts.

I had to catch my breath when I saw this latest Lindsay Lohan look.

She has got it right - one of the few times of late.

I thought this was worth talking about on the blog, rather than just posting a photo/quick caption on the Style into Action Facebook page. Its a terrific example to learn from. 

What works here?

The autumn tones of the flowers work for her complexion. The scale of the print is appropriate for a body with her enhanced assets (a small print would have just blended into the background).

The fit is terrific - she is an hourglass and this dress is a good fit for big boobs/big hips/small waist. 

In the real world, its hard for a busty girl to get such a good fit in an "off the rack" garment which is all over fitted like this. Alterations would be necessary. That is, you buy the size that fits your largest body part (whether its boobs, or hips) & you alter the rest of the dress to fit the smaller body parts.

The hem length nods to the current midi trend, but is modest (not the usual tarty look).

The shoes would not have been my first choice - but they still work as a pop of difference. 
The reason they works is the chunky shoe look grounds (pun intended) the prissy print on the dress. Ditto the blue colour. As for the suede with  floral summer dress - well, our nanas would be horrified but the contrast works in 2013. 

For a girl with "assets" this dress has sufficient coverage so that she can wear the appropriate undergarments to give the dress a good foundation. In particular, the wide shoulder straps allow her to wear a decent bra with wide straps. 

What (almost) doesnt work here?

High neckline
A high neckline on a big bust is dangerous (potentially unflattering) territory. 
She pulls it off. Why? Because the print distracts from the impact which a high neckline creates - ie: he impact of a mono - boob. 

Exposed midriff
An exposed midriff on a large bust is also dangerous territory. Yes, its a huge trend for SS 2013 (southern hemisphere SS 2013/2014), but not for everyone. 

Why? Because you run the risk of having the boobs being exposed at the midriff & gravity is a bummer for little boobs, let alone big ones.

Se pulls it off. Why? The section above the midriff has good coverage of her breast cups & it doesnt look like anything is falling out. But look closely at the standing photo - there is a slight gap between the fabric & the rib cage - only slight, but gaps is how boobs fall out due to gravity. Luckily Lindsay's gap is small & the the distraction of the fussy print saves it. 

Note to file:

The designers of this dress are a duo, Max Osterweis & Erin Beatty (below) - stay tuned, I will tell you more about them shortly. 


If I could summarise why this look works well for Lindsay it would be 2 words. Fit & print (both colour & scale).

Even though she is just about to back to rehab, she just scored a serious goal.

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