Friday, May 24, 2013

What I Wore: SIA goes corporate

Sometimes there are never enough hours in the day. Today was one of those days. I found myself taking these photos at 5 pm when it was seriously getting dark. Silly me.

Today was corporate day.
Explanation. Since I was presenting to TAFE students on interview appearance (as part of my Fitted for Work gig), I decided to wear interview appropriate clothing.

Dont be horrified about the fact that I was presenting on interview appearance but wasnt interview appropriate. My boss & I normally present in smart business wear, just not notched up to interview standard. As part of the presentation, we use ourselves as examples of what not to wear.

So today I turned up corporate, stockings & all.

My transition to corporate had to be gentle.

The skirt

The skirt was an 100% wool knit in black from Sonia Rykiel at David Jones in the Sydney CBD about 6 years ago.
It had a wide waist band (slurp in the tummy) and pointelle stitching near the hem. The hem was many many seriously fluted bits. Very feminine. 

The photo implies an asymmetric hem - it isnt. The hem is horizontal.

With control top pantihose and my Target seamless knickers, smoothing the hips & thighs was a snap. Then take a knit skirt which hugs & flip it out at the hem & you have a pretty perfect shape. When you walk, it swings just so. The beauty of this is that it will work for most body types.

STYLE TIP: If you love skirts, one of the most flattering styles isnt actually a pencil skirt. A pencil skirt has a harsh hemline. Instead grab something that hugs you like a pencil until a bit above your knee. Then let it flare out. This has the sexiness of a pencil but the femininity of a flare. Its not easy to find this style on the high street as the cut is expensive to do. But if you see it & it remotely fits (alterations can do the final tweaks), grab it.
In Australia, Covers used to do this style season after season in lined jersey fabrics. But they are no longer in business. 

Sheepishly, I have to admit, the only way to do justice to this baby is to be photographed in it. It comes to life on a body. 

I also have it in navy (hey, they were on sale).

The stockings were a Voodoo Nightshade sheer.

The top

Since I didnt wear a Coles Mix tee yesterday, I had to make up for it today. Black, scoop neck, $6.

I did try another tee on before I settled on this one though. 
The other was too long & it showed from under the jacket. When the rest of the outfit is fitted & business like, a top longer than the jacket generally isnt a good look. 

The jacket

Another boiled wool creation from Italian brand, Clips.
Purchased from a boutique in Sydney called Posh which sells alot to the CEO of Westpac, Gail Kelly. I bought it about 6 years ago.

It has a double bias ruffle all the way around the collar and the front. The hem is a single ruffle. Also on the cuffs. It has a couple of subtle buttons under the ruffle, but I never button them up and as I have grown since I bought it, I wouldnt even try.

Its got all the structure of a jacket, but in a wool knit its as comfy as my PJs. It is a long in the body cut which suits me just fine. 

The necklace

Today, since I was doing the all black thing again, I needed colour somewhere in the mix.

I thought a scarf would be too fluffy with all those ruffles, so a necklace was in order.

A red sun pendant on sterling which I bought from a jewellery store in Paddington called Chantal B. I have worn this again & again and I am sure it'll be in the coffin with me. I change the chain between sterling or rubber. Today, the rubber was easier to find. 

The rings

More old faithfulls.
$10 Witchery ring & the Bottega Veneta intercaccio.

The shoes

Patrick Cox pumps.
Yes I have worn these the last 2 days, however in their defense, those days were only half days.

STYLE TIP: Never wear natural fibres (leather, fabric etc) more than two days in a row. The fibres need time to relax and get back to shape from the moisture and secretions your body subjects them to. Please, at least 24 hours between wears. 

Today is their final day for now. Back in their box to rest til next time.

See you tomorrow, where I'll be back in casual (plus a jacket) for the weekend.

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