Friday, May 3, 2013

What I Wore: Absolutely no designer items

I wore the outfit in this post two days in a row with a knicker change. 


I stayed at the hospital over night to look after dad as part of a trial, so that we could be sure I could tend to all his needs once he comes home.

The sleeping part consisted of a Coles seafoam green mens tee & a Piping Hot tracksuit pant in a hot pink wash look fabric. I wont show you those...hehehe.

I also removed all jewellery on the second day as the mobility part of looking after dad doesnt appreciate my big rings digging into his back for example...

Since I had to get up during the night a few times, I was a bit tired on the second day, so even though I went to Fitted for Work (photos of new stock to be uploaded tomorrow), I slipped into flat loafers for today, said loafers having been worn in & love my feet alot (as much as I love them).

The jacket

An indigo denim from fcuk.
About 4 years old & this is the first time I have worn it. 

I am not really a denim jacket girl - I prefer structured tailoring partly because it is longer (& covers the "pear" bum) and partly because it just looks more streamlined & elegant.

Are you a denim jacket girl?

The denim jacket is a classic item. 
For those that like its styling, I encourage you to buy multiples - dark, light, cropped, hip length, sleeveless, with sleeves - the possiblities are endless. 

Just avoid the acid wash boxy oversize look of the 80s.

The sweater

A navy 100% cotton from Trenery, from last winter for about $90.

It has a rib knit on the front & on the hem (10 cm wide) of the back. The back sits lower than the front, which technically makes it a mullet sweater. Yikes!

the back

To the best of my knowledge, this sweater style arrived on the Aussie high street last winter. Trenery (Country Road's older sister), Witchery & Seed did it. All virtually identical. Seed was the most expensive by about $30. I ended up also buying a Witchery version in black.

Frankly this Trenery piece disappoints me.  Or perhaps I should say, that you get what you pay for. I have worn it about 4 times so far & its pulls like crazy on the ribbed parts (the whole front & a 10 cm hem all around the bottom). I am very careful in the wearing - so I am convinced its just the weave that encourages pulling. The cotton is soft enough, but its thin & well, cheap. 

Not looking forward to seeing whether my black Witchery version does the same thing.....stay tuned for another What I Wore.

The scarf

An 100% cotton grey fleece rectangle with rounded corners from Petit Bateau. I wore it in a single knot so the knot sits low enough that the pendant of the necklace is visible.

Warm. Very warm. Good. 

The Petit Bateau brand

In Australia, Petit Bateau is licensed to Kids Direct Warehouse in Wetherill Park. They have twice yearly warehouse sales in Sydney for both samples & overuns. The prices are very good, usually 50% off. I go straight to the samples, so I get something that often hasnt gone into production. 

Petit Bateau is known for its cottons for babies, kids and ladies wear and in particular its French inspired striped breton tops. But they also do wool, linen and organic fibres.

Kids Direct Warehouse has a Facebook page which notifies of sales, or you can get on the texting mailing list.

The necklace

A baroque pearl necklace with a diamante silver plate clasp. 

I think this is my favourite part of the look.

The brand is La Loop - a French brand which is known for necklaces for hanging glasses on, which have something special in the hinges so that the glasses never fall off.

I wear mine sans glasses. 

They are made in all sorts of materials including pearls, elastic, leather, jade, silver, gold and acetate amongst others. 

I have quite a few pairs (in leather & in coloured elastic), all purchased from Belinda in Sydney. When I visited new York, I found alot of the independent optometrists stocked them too. I resisted buying more. Hopefully, I will show you the other styles I have in later posts of What I Wore, although the pearl version is by far my favourite. 

The pearl necklace was necessary for the outfit - to bring a lightness near my face. Otherwise, the navy jacket/sweater are just too dark for my features. Ten years ago it never would have been necessary - I could wear black near my face with no problems. Then everyone started to gently prompt me that I looked better in colours & not black. So I started lightening up near the face. Lightbulb!

TIP: The older you get, the more your colouring softens (read: fades). So you need to lighten the colours worn around your face (& your make up) otherwise the look will be too harsh for your complexion.

The rings

My fave Bottega intercaccio ring & a threesome for which I cant recall where I bought them.

The pants

I have worn this pant style three days in a row, but I have a few of them & I rotate. They are all identical & from Target. Most were bought at $15, on sale. 

The shoes

I wore this Wittner pair on the first day.
Cheap & cheerful, Prada copies.
Beware, flatforms or creepers will still be around for next summer.

The day after I slept at the hospital I wore my trusty Tod's navy patent loafers. 

Unfortunately you can see the fact that they are worn in &, well, well loved.

Confession time: I have about 5 navy Tod's loafers in patent navy and most are unworn. 

Note to self: Pull the other pairs out & rotate, you silly fool. Otherwise you are gong to kill these favourite way too fast. 

So there you have it - no designer items at all, except possibly the Bottega ring & the Tod's. But both their costs per wear (CPW) have whittled so far down, that technically they dont count as designer any more. Yeah, that's a good wat\y to justify it....heheheh.

See you tomorrow all.


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