Sunday, May 19, 2013

What I Wore: A jacket as comfy & cozy as a cardi

As it gets colder, the more you want warmth and coziness.
Jackets are often not exactly cozy. Understatement.
Cardigans are.

But you can get the coziness of a sweater in a jacket.


You just have to look out for jackets that are knits.
They have the structure and seams of a jacket but the "fabric" is a knit. 

Obviously this type of jacket is easier to find in winter rather than summer, but like I have said previously - dont expect to build you wardrobe overnight. 

The jacket

Is a dark grey with black knit by Calvin Klein Collection. Its Calvin's top line, the one worn by the starlets - hideously expensive. 

Its cut like a jacket but the fabric isnt a woven - its a knit. 

It has raw edges which are actually finished but still remaining a single layer (if that makes any sense)!

There are no closures or cuff details - it is very clean lined. Very Calvin. 

I bought this at a high end recycled shop in New York. I paid about $90. The RRP would have been around $2K. 

SHOP TIP: When I was there last, I planned & spent about a third of my time trawling the designer recycled stores in the city. Goldmines. 

I was actually looking at this jacket and a Piazza Sempione coat. I was with a New Yorker friend who was staying with me. She said to me that the coat made me look homeless. 
One of the few times I have taken anyone's fashion advice (this woman has immaculate taste & can spot quality at a thousand paces). 

Anyway I did come back with more coats than are reasonably necessary in Sydney. That's the danger of a trip to NY in the winter. 

The scarf

All dark colours makes Val a dull girl.

So out comes an 100% cashmere mens style scarf by Johnstons of Elgin.

Its a pale blue with white polka dots on one side & the opposite colourway on the other side. The ends are small spots in lemon & white, reversed on the other side.

STYLE TIP: Garments with reverse prints are generally expensive. If you find a positive- negative print on the high street, be aware its a higher cost item than most. This is because it costs more to run two patterns through production than to run twice the amount of a single pattern.

As much as I love polka dots, the main reason I bought this wasnt because of the polka dots. It was because I saw the white on the scarf was "white white". Nine out of ten such scarves (even at the expensive end) are in cream tones. Cream is one of my best hospital colours.

STYLE TIP: When you see something rare, buy it. 
Because when you're looking for it, it wont be looking for you.

STYLE TIP: A mens style scarf like this is the easiest in the world to wear. Wear it like I have over your shoulder & hanging loose, to give your ensemble a bit of zjoosh.

The necklace

This is an Italian costume pearl & silver toned necklace which I bought over 10 years ago from an independent store on Sydney's Castlereagh St which sold imported clothes & accessories. 

I paid a bomb for it, despite it not being a top tier brand but I have NEVER seen anything in this style which I like more, since them. Stores like Mimco comes up with similar items, but I have always been able to distinguish my baby from anything else on the market. When you consider that I buy multiples of the same types of things, this is one mean feat.

The things about it that called out to me were:

1. The pearls arent very creamy - very important considering how close it sits to the face.
2. It has about 4 adjustible settings for length.
3. Each pearl doesnt just attach to the chain - it is attached via a jump ring, giving it maximum playing room and a better look on the neck.  

STYLE TIP: Suffice to say I wipe the chain and the pearls down  after each wear, put her back in her pouch & give her a nap til the next time.

When I stood in front of a full length mirror, the thing that struck me was how the scarf polka dots echoed the necklace pearls - largely due to a similarity in size. It was a freak thing - certainly not planned prior to the day. Its what brought the look together.

The rings

The cream bow is Lovisa for $6.
The silver & pearl is Chanel for a lot more.

The top

The Coles Mix tee for $6.
Dont forget that I bought 4 last week - I am not wearing the same one over & over.

The pants

Target cotton pants for $12.
I like rolling these up.

The shoes

These are very old black Patrick Cox pumps.
Patrick Cox is known for his loafers normally, but he also does a mean pump.

These have a sharp square front which is angled. The heels are a triangle shape.

I have re-heeled them about 3 times (over a very long period though) because the triangular nature of the heel means there are 3 pressure points for the tips. This also causes pressure on the leather covering each side of the heel - see this next photo.....poor babies...I need ot ease up their wear even though I love them dearly.

See you tomorrow (I have no idea what I am wearing at this stage....)

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