Friday, May 10, 2013

What I Wore: Kmart loves Lanvin

I needed a comfortable outfit yesterday - because some days you just do.

The top

The most comfy thing in the world is a sweatshirt.

100% cotton from Kmart.

I modified it by cutting off the sleeves.

Notice its a size 20? I like my casual gear oversize and I never worry about the number on the tag. I worry about the fit and the look, not the number on the tag.

As for sweatshirts, the only time I have been inspired by workout gear (since the 80s) is when I saw Dries Van Noten AW 2010 collection. 
It was the same collection where I saw the long open weave wool scarf. Yes, this collection had tracksuit tops.

and the black tie version....

I went to Peopke in Paddington to try on the sweatshirt - they had it in navy & grey. It was $240. It looked terrific, I mentally noted the proportions as I wasnt prepared to pay that for something so plain which was cotton & not solid gold!!!

I went to Kmart that same afternoon to find the substitute.

The other top

Since the sweatshirt is a large size & the armholes would be bit peek-a-boo, I like to wear a tee under it showing just a bit of sleeve.

So I grabbed a white Nathan Smith tee. This is a brand carried by the larger David Jones stores and is in the denim section - cool stuff to wear with your skinnies. It has strings sewn into the side seams and the sleeves. the strings can be tied around the body or left to hang loose.

The strings are a copy of what Ann Demeulemeester has been doing for years - but compared to her prices, I thought Nathan's work was a serious bargain. It was $70.

STYLE TIP: If something works, buy duplicates & buy it in other colours. I also bought the tee in black. See? I practice what I preach. 

The pants

The Target grey cotton version which I also bought in black, navy & taupe. Practicing what  preach again. The pants were reduced to $15 when I bought all the different colours.

The necklace

When one wears a sweatshirt, one runs the risk of looking sloppy. So the accessories are all important.

Out comes a Lanvin multi layer pearl with black silk strips (love the raw edges). This was from Trunk, the designer recycled store in Paddington which doesnt exist any more.
I paid about 70% off retail & got the original box & packing. 

Love the fact that I can vary the length and that the fabric isnt slippery so it doesnt come undone. 

The rings

The cream bow is from Diva (or Lovisa, I get those two confused) for $7.

The "scarf ring" is a sterling silver from Martin Margiela. I think I got it from Assin in Paddington for around $300.
I have worn it to death so far. 

The bracelets

I did my usual stacked bracelets trick. This time in silver, pearls, white, black & mottled taupe.

The shoes

I wouldnt grab these at first instance, but I scanned the one of the shoe walls & figured, why not?

I didnt expect to have a "running a marathon" day, so why not dress up a sweatshirt with a nice shoe?

These are about 13 years old - purchased from David Jones for that proverbial bomb. A terrific work shoe but also looks good with a frock.

Look at how fine the straps are...& that little keeper....just love.

I think the reason I dont wear them more often is since the heels are so thin, they tend to get stuck in cracks & escalators. 

PS: Oops
I wore this outfit at Fitted for Work.
A lovely SIA reader who worked there with me, said I looked like an 80s throwback (or something like that). Hmm, that wasnt the look I was going for. 

In this regard, the sweatshirt had two issues:

1. The basque was wide & when you looked at the overall outfit the eye moved horizontally around the hip area.
Not a good look. 

2. As the basque clung onto my hips, it raised the sweatshirt up & I had to keep pulling it down during the day.

So I cut off the basque just below the seam.

When I look at the Dries runway photos, their basques were turned under - not visible. Bye bye basque.

The result is that the sweat sits straight vertically & doesnt hug the hips. & it looks less 80s in the process.

I love raw edges.

See you tomorrow.

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