Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What I Wore: Mixing a Chanel & a Coles print

The jacket

A Chanel...sigh

Purchased from the Sydney boutique, an Act 1 piece from a few years ago. You'd think I'd remember the exact vintage, but its late....looking at the photo with the label, it looks like AW 2007/08. 

Paid a serious bomb, but they let me drop 50% up front & the rest over 3 months, even though they didnt do lay-bys, because, wait for it, "we know you". I love that place.

I have had it taken out a full size since I bought it - Chanel is wonderful in that way - their seam allowances are massive. The work was done by Vlada in park St, Sydney - I wouldnt trust anyone else.

Love the chain stitched on the hem, on the inside - they make it sit/hang better on the body. Also love the self pattern on the lining - its camelias. 

Love the always functional buttonholes.

Love all the holes & rips in the outer fabric.
But the thing that makes this a perfect buy for my closet is the colours - they are all Valerie colours - black, navy, white, burgendy, each in many shades. Plus the texture. 

The top

A Coles Mix Apparel tee for $9.
I have many of this one - identical & with colour & collar variations. 

TIP: When you're on a good (fashion) thing, flock it to death.

What I didnt realise til after I wore this was that I unwittingly mixed prints - checked tweed with stripes. Totally not intentional, but I think it worked.

The necklace

A silver pendant with a sun on a red background which is just the right shade of burgendy red for me. About 10 years old. 

From Chantal B in Paddington. Chantal is a French lady who brings in very interesting jewellery & accessories. 
Worth visiting when you are in the area. 

This wasnt a cheap piece, but I love it. The cord is a rubber with a square shape which is made up of smaller pieces which fit into each other. From Chantal as well. Love also.

The pants

From Target - & I have a few of these - identical & in different colours. $15 I think.

The shoes

A Prada copy by Wittner.

I have previously written about creepers/flatforms.....

I dont normally succumb to copies, but these called out. $40 from the Wittner warehouse store in the city (under the HSBC building near Town Hall).

Of all the high street shoe stores in Australia, I think Wittner is the best by far at reflecting the runway trends. I'd rate Nine West next in that regard & the rest dont count IMO.

These are all leather except the rubber sole.

Mind you I did have to clear nail polish down some of the jute on the sole, but once again, you get what you pay for. 

I really like them & they are comfy.

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