Saturday, May 18, 2013

What I Wore: Furry hero jacket

The jacket

She looks furry. She is furry. And warm. And gorgeous. She is by Rena Lange, a German designer who I have mentioned on one of my first WIW posts. 

I bought her at a David Jones pre-sell many many years ago. She was in the serious four figures and I still love her.

Pre-sell in Australia is the process whereby the new collections are placed in a room & viewed by appointment only for a week or two, before they are placed on the shop floor. Think French bubby, finger food & serious presents if you spend even a dollar & everyone knows the cheapest item is seriously expensive.

They has a 38 & a 40 in this jacket. They were both sold on the first day. This is why I used to turn up on the first day as soon as the doors opened.

[If you hear the term pre-sell in the USA, it means a totally different thing...will explain in another WIW post].

Every colour of the rainbow is represented in this baby.
AND it is woven in bands of colour....easier to see at the back....when she is on, she looks like an ombre rainbow. 

And the fringe...massively wide...very striking. Most garments have a downside - the only one with this is that its hard to eat soup wearing her.  

She is 100% wool and unlined but the finish inside is as good as the outside.

For those of you with super powers of observation, the jacket covers my bum - but I have placed it too high in the photo and the bum looks exposed. Definitely a bum coverer. 

I also got a 20 cm length of fringe & a 10 cm square of fabric  for repairs. 

Mind you I cant close the buttons these days, but because the front edges are slanted, its hard to see that she is too small.

So what is worthy of this baby?

The top

Why a Coles Mix tee of course!!!!

The jeans

The Not Your Daughters Jeans I wore yesterday - in an indigo wash.

The necklace

Why Lovisa of course. For a price of around $20.
perfect match for a Rena Lange! heheheh

You've seen this necklace previously - its a Dries Van Noten copy in a mixed metals. It has the stretch to mirror the jacket's presence.

& I completely forgot to do rings today - feeling a bit naked, but warm. 

The shoes

The navy Choos from ebayland, which I wore in yesterday's outfit. High but with a stacked heel, so solid. And pom poms.

Has anyone noticed that today's look is just another look of the same formula I love? Hero jacket, one strong piece of jewellery & the rest is very non descript. I do that again & again. I do have more versions of the pants & jeans I have shown you so far, but no one notices them - because the hero & the jewellery always takes over.

See you tomorrow when I hope to show you the real value of buying similar pieces and hence being able to throw things together in a heartbeat. 

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