Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What I Wore: Loving those hero jackets

The jacket

Whilst I love my neutrals, today this hero jacket jumped off the rack & onto my back.

This is a Giorgio Armani in silk, fully lined, from the Milan runway in the late noughties. It was one of the defining pieces of the collection. It has waves of stripes in red, cream, mint green and pale blue. 

The collection was based around black with these waves of colour. The reds werent orangey & any of the hospital colours were low down (not near my face).

I have tried to locate it on but it is eluding me ATM. Stay tuned.

I found it on ebay for $120 plus shipping after searching for a couple of years. the retail was $3.5K.

STYLE TIP: I love how the stripes match all the way across the jacket & the sleeves. That's a sign of a good quality garment. If you see this on the high street, grab it.

In summer I wear the sleeves rolled up. Today I kept them at full length. The sleeves dont have buttons on the cuff - making them easy to alter professionally, although I have long arms so this is never necessary. 
Notice the shawl collar lapels, the patch pockets with the flap - all with invisible stitching. What's not to love?

The top

Please dont laugh - its the black Coles Mix top for $6, but I did get 4 last week.

The jeans

A Not Your Daughters Jeans pair in an indigo wash.
Straight cut. Nothing flash, but muffin sucking in.

The necklace

A sterling Najo piece which opens up, accordion style to allow 5 photos. I wore this yesterday.

I clip the chain in various places so that it sits at the right length for the neckline. This may sound pedantic (who? me?) but your bust area is one of the first things people see about you - so you should get it right. Today it had to sit about 5 cm above the button of the jacket, so it sat over the tee but didnt interfere with the jacket.

The bracelets

I selected bracelets which were the colours of the jacket, anchored by black & white strands.

The shoes

These are 18 year old Oroton long before Ana Maria Escobar jumped on board & resurrected the brand. I have to confess that these were a lazy selection. I just grabbed any loafer that I hadnt worn recently. 

What makes these wrong is the heavy gold hardware. It doesnt feel harmonious with the jacket. 
But life still goes on & I will do better next time.  

See you tomorrow (when I wear browns - a very rare colour for me)

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