Friday, May 10, 2013

What I Wore: Max pop with opposite sides of the colour wheel

True to form, I took a piece from yesterday (the white string tee) & re-wore it. With very different partners.

The top

Nathan Smith white cotton tee, David Jones, $70

The pants

Lime 3/4 cotton pants from the New Zealand brand, Verge.

SHOP TIP: Verge is sold in independent boutiques rather than the majors. Its market is 30s+ (IMO) but rather than boring stuff, the colours & cuts are quirky versions of classics. 

I found these at a store called Plumage on the ground floor of Macquarie Centre.

I have NOTHING in my closet in lime or anywhere near lime. 
Except for these pants. 

I love the fact that they are wide in the leg. Dont try this at home unless you are tall.

The scarf

Confession: I have had this for years & never worn it previously.

"What I Wore" is definitely making me wear my stuff more.

The scarf is a 100% wool Fendi ,which i bought at David Jones in the Sydney CBD for $300.

Its mainly red (a burgendy red) with the brown/black "F"
logo running down one side of the scarf. Its front is the same as its back - that's where the money went on this one.

The necklace

The necklace is a Valerie special.
I have taken one Isabel Marant bauble (green) & combined it with the blue, red & amber which were all from a Diva bracelet. The chain is sterling. This works well with lots of things as it has all the primary colours and sits near the face.

The bracelets

A whole stack of bracelets in the colours of the outfit. I lied above when I said I have nothing else in lime - her is a borlotti bean bracelet.

The ring with squares is a stainless steel from Fossil.
The chunky ring is from Dinosaur Designs for $95.

SHOP TIP: I got the chunky ring at the Dinosaur Designs annual warehouse sale. For anyone who likes their stuff, put yourself on their mailing list & you'll bag some serious bargains.

The shoes

Here is where the outfit went from OK to pretty special.
I added a pair of pretty shoes by Jimmy Choo which I have had for over 10 years. 

The shoes are red & its no coincedence that I chose colours on opposite ends of the colour wheel (red & green). This gives you maximum pop. 

They were bought at the David Jones warehouse for $90 because the straps were broken. A bootmaker fixed them easily and I had a $1,200 pair of shoes, box included. 

I never wear these shoes any more but doing "What I Wore" has definitely encouraged me to wear them.

The reasons why I dont wear them is because of the sling back design - they dont fall off the heel, but when I walk they flip flop as the heel lifts off from the sole. Drives me mad but since I wasnt going any lengthy distance today, I gave them a whirl. 

See you tomorrow. 

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