Sunday, May 12, 2013

What I Wore: Nothing like a jacket to amp up your look

In the last few days we have had alot of talk on the Style into Action page about tracksuits - specifically when the wear them (if at all) & when not to wear them. 

So I decided to have a tracksuit free day.

The jeans

Not Your Daughter's Jeans in a washed denim

The tee

A white Nathan Smith tee with strings.
I have worn this a few days in a row - rest assured I have duplicates.

The jacket

The photos do no justice to this Giorgio Armani beauty.
In real life it has power. 

With a grandpa collar, she has a rounded shoulder (no seams) which fits like it was made to measure. She has a high armhole & is snug through the rib cage & flares out over the hips.

Normally when I take WIW photos, I squish in the waist area, so the clothes look like they have a waist. In this case, there was no squishing - the jacket has its own gorgeous lines.

She is fully lined & the print is spectacular. It is a bit more purple in real life than the blue in the photo, but it has cool undertones so it works.

She was actually one size too big & they didnt have my size 
in the Sydney (or Melbourne) stores - so they arranged the alterations gratia to scale her down. The alterations were done by my fave place, Vlada in the Sydney CBD. In fact it was the same Armani store which had introduced me to Vlada about 20 years ago. With this kind of alterations service provided free, you can only imagine what I paid for this girl. 

I used to wear this in my corporate life when I needed that extra bit of flare - typically when doing presentations. 

STYLE TIP: There is nothing like a jacket to amp up your look. It doesnt even have to be corporate & stuffy. Even a denim jacket will work to smarten up a casual look. A jacket has far more presence than a cardi. Use it to your advantage. 

Label slut, who me?

Too often people assume I love the brands because I am a snob or a label slut for the sake of being a label slut. Not true. Anyone who wears Coles or Target with their labels & admits it to the whole world they bought brands recycled for cheap as chips isnt a snob. IMO anyway. Plus I am lovely & down to earth. 

However the reason I am a label slut is because of the quality afforded by the labels.

Whilst I dont sew, I understand garment construction and when I see something made beautifully with an amazing cut and a beautiful fabric, I get excited. Then you put this item on & it looks amazing. The reason is because it was made with many many fit model fittings - the process of working the samples over & over is very time consuming & costly. That's one of the reasons an expensive garment is expensive.

Look at this next photo of a button hole for the jacket.

The button has the GA signature inscribed. But its the button hole that I love. Its bound with the same fabric, not just ripped open & overlocked. This is serious work. It demands serious respect.

If you see an item on the high street with bound button holes, you are likely to have found a good quality piece. The high street doesnt waste time/money on details like this unless it is trying to create a certain quality about the garment. 

The necklace

A Funkis piece which I have shown you previously.
Knotted together with a black cotton cord the large matt silver circles feed my circle obsession.

Interestingly the size of the circles is the same size as the white flowers on the jacket. The many circles also mimic the  circular pattern (like a snail shell) of the jacket's flowers. I couldnt have planned this better if I tried.

The rings

The Bottega intercaccio (woven look) ring on the bottom & an intercaccio copy on the top. 

The shoes

My bronze Dorothy flats by Jil Sander. 
Until I started "What I Wore" these were in the to sell pile. Since then I have worn them twice and hope for more wears. 

In case you're wondering the warm metal tone of the shoes didnt clash with the cool metal tones of the necklace and the jacket. When I looked in the mirror, i was really happy with the combination.

It was meant to be.

See you tomorrow.  


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