Thursday, May 23, 2013

Nina Proudman fashion - S4, Episode 1

Open letter to all Offspring fans:

I know many of you love Nina's style.

Her character and her fashion style has certainly captured everyone's heart.

I'd call her style relaxed, boho, natural with plenty of whimsy.

But its just a style. Its not a particular piece. Its not an exact look.

You too can get her style with a gazillion different pieces. 

You dont have to have each exact piece she has to get her style.

Which is lucky, because alot of the pieces used are last season or vintage and are no longer available. Queue ebay. At best.

If you want Nina's style, think inspired, dont think replica.

The maxi dress

Like Nina's Violet & I cold shoulder maxi dress?

From the Violet & I look book.

Replicate it with maxi skirts in small prints.....

Last year, Nina wore Mimosa maxi skirts...


Go back to the brand, Violet & I & look for similar items.....

or look for the skirt version of the same print....

Just remember, the Nina rules are ...small prints, soft colours, flowy unstructured pieces.

Here are Target maxi dresses I have featured previously, which all replicate the look....

The denim jacket

As for the cropped denim jacket - well I am not going to insult your intelligence by telling you where to buy one. Anywhere from Kmart to Target to the denim shops like General Pants to Sussan, Sportsgirl Portmans, temt, Supre and every designer on the planet.

So the Nina formula is take a singlet tank ($9 from Target), a maxi skirt & a cropped denim jacket & you have the look.

Ring a bell?

Small print maxi, tank top & denim jacket!
Oh & she's wearing a scarf here, pick any pale floaty rectangular shape & hang over your neck. Too easy.

The embroidered top

You can get this type of top at any clothing markets stall. Any time, but especially during summer months.

Nina's top was designer - Johnny Was, again from last season. It is a cotton fabric with floral embroidery on the front & the sleeves. 

But you can be inspired by the look....

This is available NOW.

In addition to the markets, for anything boho & arty, always check asos,, etsy and antrhropologie.

This silk tunic was available on asos but has since sold out. 

& dont forget to go back to the brand itself & pick up similar styles from the current season.

Johnny Was, available at Neiman Marcus NOW

Johnny Was, available at Neiman Marcus NOW

Johnny Was, available at Neiman Marcus NOW

How about a plain peasant top with a print fringed boho scarf?

Johnny Was, available at Neiman Marcus NOW

Johnny Was, available at Neiman Marcus NOW

The plain peasant top doesnt have to be expensive like Johnny Was. I have seen tanks at Target which have all the embroidery and look of a peasant top and are cheap as chips.

The bag

A light tan square messenger with a large front flap.

My go to is Nancy Bird. Always.

Nancy Bird Riley bag, available NOW.

Seriously, I think Nina would approve. 
Dont copy, be inspired instead.
After all, do you really want to replicate a fictional character or do you want ti be YOU.

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