Saturday, May 18, 2013

Website product descriptions - good, bad & ugly at HUSK

Guilty as charged: Of buying the same things again & again.

Sometimes the identical same thing, sometimes the identical same thing in different colours, sometimes the similar same thing.

Today I had one of those moments - when I saw something I loved, thought of the similar one I already had, yest still wanted today's eye candy.

Enter: The one I had.

A sterling & pearl Chanel ring, bought about 6 years ago at the Sydney boutique on Castlereagh St. It was on sale, 50% off I think, she was old stock. I think I paid about $500 for her.

It feeds my obsession for  circles & balls and is real (not costume). How could I resist?

Slight problem: She only fits on my little finger and I dont like wearing rings there as I always have this sensation they will fall off & they are too exposed (& pearls are very soft) & they turn so the baubles are underneath, near the palm of my hand. 

I inquired at having her sized up - the problem is that the temperatures required to work sterling are way too high for pearls to handle. I decided that replacing the pearls would be too much trouble and kept her as is. 

I still love her though. Isnt she pretty?

Today I was trawling through websites including Husk, a gorgeous clothing & jewellery store predominantly in Melbourne.

And I saw this baby.....

Three words.


So I dived in to find out about it & here was its page.

Its the ONLY page.
The only information about it.
That's it.
No more.

"Karen Lieberman 24K Silver $265.00"



1. Is it "silver" as in "silver toned (base metal)" or "sterling silver"? 

2. Once we know the answer to #1, is it plated or solid?

3. Assuming the 24K refers to the gold on the balls, is that a reference to "solid" or "plated"?

Before you call me a silly sausage, I realise that at that price point it is unlikely that the balls were solid 24K gold. However if the balls were tiny & photographed up close its a possibility - & in this retail climate, anything is possible - dont assume anything.

So I called the Melbourne store in Collins St - I figured the flagship would know more than their smaller stores.

The girl who answered quickly jumped onto the site (good) & assured me all KL were sterling silver (good) & the 24K referred to a plate on the balls (good).

Three x "good". For SIA, the mystery shopper, that's terrific.

Now for the PUNCH LINE...she says...

SA: By the way, the ring only has two balls.

Me: But it is shown with eight balls......

SA: Yes, you have to buy four rings to get that look. 

Me: Oh. Dear.

It was all going SO well.
What a ridiculous listing.

Mind you I am sure if you bought the ring & it arrived with 2 balls, you would get your money back, but the lack of clarity on the HUSK site leaves alot to be desired. 

Is it laziness? or Is it deliberate vagueness to score sales in this tough retail climate?

My advice to you: For on line purchases, ASK QUESTIONS. LOTS OF THEM.  

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