Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What I Wore: SIA wears a boyfriend jacket from ebay

The jacket

Say hello to my one & only boyfriend jacket.

Actually, I did have quite a few in the 80s which came with grid iron shoulder pads, but ATM, only this one.

Its an Ann Demeulemester from ebay. I paid $70 plus shipping. Its a long line wool/viscose mix with a low single front button and a straight-ish cut. I think its from the early 90s. 

It was in fantastic condition except it had an abrasion to the fabric at the front near the pocket which made it look shiny.

I really liked it and the only way I was happy to save it was to sew something over it. 

Say hello to an Ann Demeulemeester bugle bead pocket overlay.

She is made from crochet cotton threads. I had bought her from Belinda (actually I had bought two of them) and they came with tiny safety pins to attach them to the garment. 

Since I knew I would never take it off this jacket due to that shiny bit, I stitched it on and skipped the safety pin.

STYLE TIP: Try to avoid metal on clothing as much as possible. Its rusts over time, even in a well ventilated closet and will damage the fibres.

Some people have commented that its funny I have only placed this on one side, but I love asymmetry - its so much more interesting when the eye moves than static symmetry. 

I also want to show you the cuffs on this jacket.

The are widely spaced (typical of late 80s/early 90s styles).

STYLE TIP: They have faux button holes which are a sign of an expensive garment. If you see faux button holes on a high street garment, it was made with a nod to better quality than one without. 

But the button closest to the cuff is very close to the cuff in proportion to the others - something about the spacing looks off. If I had to guess, I'd say the original bottom button was removed & the cuff was taken up. However I cant for the life of me find any evidence of unstitching etc to support this. 

The top

A Coles Mix black scoop neck tee for $6.
I bought 4 of them last week with a grocery haul consisting of a chocolate bar. 
It is cotton with a touch of lycra, has cap sleeves & I love it alot. 

The pants

The grey cotton Target pants came out of the wash for this day. Approx $11, I bought a number of colours. 

The necklace

A sterling ball pendant which opens up for photos.
Its Najo & it wasnt cheap but its a keeper.
The chain was my own.

I am not a sentimental type, so maybe I should put photos of bags & shoes in there?

The bracelets

A bunch of black & silver & white from my collection. 

The rings

Both are old friends - the Bottega intercaccio & the $10 sterling Witchery ring.

The shoes

OK, so these are new. I bought them a few weeks ago from the Luisa Sale at the Hilton in Sydney. They were $160 and a black patent loafer is always what i need so I dont over wear all my navy patent loafers. 

Interestingly I didnt hold out for Tod's this time - I'd say the limited budget made me buy a non name Italian brand, but I am comfortable the quality is comparable to Tod's in most respects. 

Now to do the next What I Wore (for yesterday's outfit) as I am hopelessly behind - the next one involves a serious hero jacket...stay tuned. 

See you tomorrow.

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