Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What I Wore: SIA wears ballet flats instead of loafers

Today I started with the jeans and added a cardi.
The rest if the outfit revolved around that twosome.

The jeans

Not Your Daughters Jeans in a washed mid blue.

The cardi

A black Rick Owens knit with long sleeves.

But, it can be worn upside down!

Wear me one way:

As a shawl collar knit.

There is something bizarre about this cardi - it is ridiculously slimming when worn in this way.
Its not a thick knit nor thin enough to cling to all your curves - but it sits just right to make you drop a dress size when you wear it.

Wear me another way:

As a large floppy lapel knit.

Turn me upside down & the front fabric that was previously below the armpits now becomes large floppy lapels. A bit boho, a bit messy, but still Owens cool. 

The aspect about it which allows it to be draped either way and not look like it is attacking me is a large hole in the back. A very clever detail. 

This is the back wearing it in a subtle shawl collar style & showing the hole.

This cardi came from ebay. Its a 2005 Rick Owens in a wool/nylon mix. I paid around $300 for it as I bought it 4 years after it was released. 

One other thing I love about it is the knit varies all over the garment. The sleeves are ribbed, the body is a pointelle (or a waffle weave) and the hem is a rib. 

The top

None of my What I Wore posts are complete without a Coles item.

The top is a Coles Mix white cami with a bronzey full length back zip.

I have about 10 of these as they were reduced to $6 at some stage. I also have quite a few black ones. Perfect layering pieces.

The scarf

In winter, I grab a scarf almost every day.

Today its a navy Epice - a French brand in 100% wool.
This brand is worth hunting down on line, both new & used on ebay.

They only use natural fibres, they weave well & their patterns are always different.

This one came from a Belinda sale for $90. I loved the pop of red along the edges. Knowing that would work with all my dark colours, I wouldnt have bought it without that.

STYLE TIP: Black & navy DO go together. Exceptionally well if the navy is a dark shade. If the navy is a light or bright version, then wear a print with any navy & black colours along with the navy and black item. Sweet. 

The necklaces

The long pieces are a Kaboodle fob watch ($35) and a Collette Dinnigan for Lovisa necklace (from $20 to $7) with semi precious beads.

The short piece is a mix of Lovisa charms and a green Isabel Marant charm on a sterling necklace.

The rings

My Bottega intercaccio and a $10 Lovisa blue swirly enamel ring.

The shoes

I decided to park the loafers today and go for ballet flats.
This is the only navy pair I have. They are over 10 years old (& I have an identical black pair). 

See you a suit.

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