Sunday, May 12, 2013

What I Wore: One colourful piece can work with everything

Another easy dressing day where the bling & the shoes amped up the look.

The sweater

From Sussan for $50, purchased in 2003. 
100% cotton & a beautiful quality knit (they dont make 'em like that these days...)

Its got a good weight, so you cant see lumps & bumps from the outside.

STYLE TIP: Select a colourful top & you make it easy to "match" a bottom in any colour which is in the top.

The pants

Wide 3/4 lime pants by Verge.
100% cotton
I wore this yesterday & obviously I didnt hange them overnight - they were resting on a chair (not folded obviously).

I dont even know if the sweater has lime on it - but it has s o many colours, that the pants work.

The necklace

This necklace is from Lovisa.
Its a Dries Van Noten copy from SS 2009.
Notice the similarity, not in the balls, but in the rest of the rings?

The bracelet version

The necklace is a multi colour metal - it is silver toned on one side & gold toned on the other.

STYLE TIP: Having gold & silver in a single piece of  jewellery increases its versatility. You will generally only suit EITHER gold or silver near your face, however having a two tone piece increases your change of wearing the wrong metal successfully. 
Two tone jewellery also helps you to wear the often forgotten pieces like belt buckles or shoe ornaments. 

If you look closely at my photo you may also notice that the black cord on my necklace has knots. I have done these so I could shorten the cord and wear it at the Dries length. If I had cut the cord, re-attaching the metal clasps would have been very messy.


The usual bunch of related colours. 

The rings

The light is terrible, but the bottom ring you have seen before - ManiaMania from the Corner Shop - a massive quartz stone.

The top ring is a $7 one from Sportsgirl with a purple flower on an aqua background. I keep waiting for it to tarnish & it hasnt. 

The shoes

A camel flat pump by Escada with a black stacked low heel.

There were from the David Jones warehouse from Summer 2001 - the label on the box has the details. Original was $650, reduced to $399, but I would have paid around 70% off that price - around $120.  

This type of closed flat shoe is my bead & butter. Smart but comfy. And sturdier than ballet flats.

See you tomorrow. 

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