Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What I Wore: Vintage Dior with fast fashion Celine inspired coat

The sun was setting so I had to take these photos fast.

The photo which inspired this outfit was Nicole Kidman at Cannes.

I liked the longer coat & my Zara Basic version came to mind.

The jacket

Navy wool blend, with "attached" sleeves, deep front pockets and a front gold full length zip.

This jacket has interfacing on all the pattern pieces - it gives it a very structured appearance. This aspect appealed to me.

STYLE TIP: This jacket has no waist. Do not try this at home unless you are tall or slim. 

This jacket is a Celine inspired.

Resort 2012 in a leather version

Spring 2013 in a spliced leopard version

I paid $159 for it last winter.

I love the way it has gold piping on the inside where the lining is attached. This is all the way around the jacket.

The scarf

Perhaps I should call this, the wrap....

A Christian Dior 80s wool 130 cm square.
I bought this from a designer recycled shop in Sydney's Double Bay about 15 years ago. 

Its a camel & maroon colour, both warm tones but it also has navy & a checked pattern which attracted me. I have hardly ever worn it, but I think it worked with the coat.

STYLE TIP: As soon as you say 'I have hardly ever worn it" its time to ask why. That's the only way you will figure out how to not let it happen again.

In my case its because the colours are wrong for my complexion. The maroon & camel tones, male me look ill & because its pattern is so bold, it needs a striking partner to take over & help it to not kill my colouring. 

Why does it work?

1. The navy in the coat & the gold zip work back well with the scarf.

2. The drama of the coat matches the drama of the scarf.

STYLE TIP: I like to wear a scarf under a jacket/coat as it saves on dry cleaning the coat as often.

The top

A white cotton Trenery tee which for some reason I havent yet figured out is the most flattering tee I own. A very handy piece.

The pants

Hammock & Vine cargos from David Jones. $90 I think.

The brooch

A jacket that is stiff in its fabric begs for a brooch.
I found this small one (4 cm diameter) from Chanel at the Melbourne Collins St store. A few years ago.

A friend joked that I had found religion - yes, I worship at the later of Chanel.

The necklace

A Kaboodle fob watch chain necklace for $35.
It has a gunmetal finish - not quite gold but not too silvery either.


The rings

It wouldnt be a SIA post without the rings.

You've met both these before. 
A Family Jewels multi ring ring & a Martin Margiela "scarf" ring.

Both are silver despite the gold aspects of the remainder of the outfit.

The shoes

My Roberto Cavalli for Target ballet flats.

See you tomorrow.

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