Saturday, May 4, 2013

What I Wore: Scarves can hide sloppiness, seriously.

The jacket - the hero piece

Every girl needs a hero piece in her closet.

Something standout which punctuates her outfit. With an exclamation mark. Something striking & powerful.

It can be a top, a bottom, an accessory, a dress. The impact can be shape, texture, colour, print, anything really. 

In my case, it was a jacket which literally turned into a cape.

My Comme des Garcons puffy boil jacket which you have seen previously. I wore it buttoned at the neck (it only has one button), over my shoulders and it looked interesting & powerful (those boils are huge). 

Not classic by any means, just interesting and directional.

It was also alot lighter by virtue of not wearing the sleeves which increases the bandwidth of occasions for which I can wear it. More wearing = Lower cost per wear (CPW) = Better value. 

Short jackets for pears?

If I own 200 jackets (conservative estimate, shoot me now), I'd say that only 3 or 4 are on the short side. The rest sit around the hips or lower. I have always felt that for a PEAR shape, a longer style is more flattering and cerayinly something that ends around the tummy is bad news. For two reasons. First is cuts me in half & secondly the larger bottom half is empahasised.

What makes a bolero jacket different?

When a jacket looks more like a bolero than a traditional jacket - it's super short (ie: sits under the bust at the rib cage) & flares out high. This shape balances out big hips. Seriously, I am not making this up as I go along. Its a good trick for pears to keep in mind. 

Boleros for petite pears?

A bit trickier than if you have height - but dont contrast the top & bottom - keep them the same colour/tone so the eye moves up & down. If you must, contrast the bolero with the top/bottom. 

The top

The outfit however started with a $5 Coles Mix Apparel mens tee in XL. 

It was a pale blue and just the right tone for a cool complexion like mine. Not teal, not turquiose, nor Tiffany blue. Just pale blue with cool undertones.

I just couldnt be bothered finding something else.
So it stayed on.

It stayed on, half tucked in. 

TIP: Wearing your tops half tucked in is a way to make them look cooler than if their hem hangs out. 

However half tucking in doesnt work fabulously when you wear a high waited pant - ideally it works best with a mid-low waist pant.  Since the jeans are high rise, I tucked in the one side of the tee into the pocket. Every now & again it would fall out, even though it was very long & wasnt pulling excessively. 

Does anyone else have issues with half tucking in tops popping out?

What works with pale blue?

I have very fair skin & dark hair. Even though the tee is the correct tone (cool), any pastel near my face makes me look like death warmed up as it washes me out. So I need to introduce another bolder colour near my face which will perk me up from death. 

Burgendy of course! Always a go-to pop colour for me.

Not maroon, not rust, not grape, not deep rose, not even oxblood (although close) but burgendy.

Colour consultants will tell you that you should contrast shades of similar intensity - such as cobalt with hot pink rather than cobalt with pale pink. 

Certainly similar intensity makes it easier to contrast, but if your heart wants a pastel, then so be it.
The trick is to wear a greater surface area of the pastel compared to the intense colour - so the intense colour doesnt take over. 

Stand back & look at this as a while.
With similar potions of pale & bright, the bright takes over.

Now stand back & look at this. 
The overall impact is more  harmonious as
the paler colour is given for airplay.
TIP: Never try to mtch colour by memory or monitor. Ever. 
Since colour shades & colours on monitors vary, if you are trying to match (or complement) a colour, take the actual garment with you when shopping. Every colour has a gazillion shades & if you go by memory, you'll never get it right.

The scarf

TIP: The best way to drown a "daggy" piece in mild weather (which a coat is too heavy to wear) is to place a scarf over it. 
No fancy ties - just place it around your neck & off you go.

Ruffling through my collection of burgendy wool scarves (if you knew how many I had, you would schedule me for sure), I found a ribbed rectangle cashmere (no tassels).

This came from an accessory store called Savior Faire on Military Road. It's a Made in China 100% cashmere which cost me $190 quite a few years ago. The store has everything that ever existed in the 2nd tier world of accessories - hats, jewellery, scarves, bling, accessory storage, the place is a goldmine. By 2nd tier, I dont mean recycled. I mean brands more "affordable" than the uber luxury brands. Speaking of uber luxury brands, this store is like a kid sister to Melbourne's Christine store (although they are not related).

About half of Savoir Faire's stock is Italian & French & the rest from Asia. Once you walk in, you wont leave for at least an hour & that's if you go alone. Go with a girlfriend, & you'll forget to have lunch. Their breadth & depth of stock is amazing. 

I have bought from them here & there. The reason I have pulled away (deliberately) is that their margins are way above other retailers for identical items. But the store is presented to well sometimes you cant help but buy.

They also have that habit of taking all tags off items, so you cant identify brands (making it harder, but not impossible) to look elsewhere. 

Plus a few years ago they rarely did sales. Which doesnt impress me. I am not sure what is happening there now, but if you're in the vicinity, drop in & let us know. 

The necklace

$9 from Diva in gold & deep blue enamel.
Originally $20.
Since gold isnt my best metal, the fact that the plate isnt near my face & the chain is very fine works well. 
I wouldnt have chosen this if it wasnt for its strong blue tones - they work with the pale blue of the tee & the intense burgendy works with the intense blue of the necklace.

The rings

The coil ring is a Diva special for $10
The quartz ring is a Mania Mania which had cost me a bomb (from Zimmerman? I think) because the size of the stone is massive. Hero piece for the fingers.

The jeans

Not Your Daughters denim. You've seen them before.

The shoes

I love these babies.

Bottega Veneta from David Jones in the city. I was watching them for the season & when they went on sale, I  couldnt wait for further reductions - scored them for 30% off. Still insane, but in love insane. 

Notice they are my shoe uniform?

Closed, round toe, thick-ish sole, high stacked heel.

& the softest leather in the world.


1. Use a rectangle scarf to hide a daggy top.
2. One way to make an impression is to wear a hero piece - one item that stands out whether its by shape, texture, colour or print.
3. Mix pastels & brights harmoniously by showing less bright more pastel.

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